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To support our fellow citizens who have intellectual or developmental disabilities,
so they are afforded an opportunity for a meaningful life.

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Welcome to Casa de Amor Fort Bend

Day Habilitation

Our members have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest; become more involved within their communities; develop communication and interpersonal skills; and set and pursue personal goals.

Community Outings

The community outings provide a chance for our members to practice being in the community before they are discharged and provide social interaction opportunities for patients.


Casa de Amor provides up to a full day of services and supports which are designed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the participant, and assist in the acquisition, improvement, and retention of skills necessary to support participants

Special Olympics

Our goal is to bring better fitness, nutrition and healthier lifestyles to everyone involved in Special Olympics — from athletes and their families, to coaches and volunteers.


The rehabilitation staff nurse assists clients in adapting to an altered lifestyle, while providing a therapeutic environment for client’s and their family’s development.


Casa De Amor Fort Bend behavior intervention services are individually designed to support each individual’s personal needs.  These positive supports place an emphasis on learning, social integration, and include modifying the environments as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Q.What is our mission statement?

Our mission is to offer adults, children and their families innovative, quality services and supports that lead to growth and independence, regardless of the challenges they face. Casa De Amor Fort Bend philosophy emphasizes partnerships with those we serve, their families, our employees, Mentors, payors and the communities in which we work.

Q Q.What is our vision?

To support our fellow citizens who have intellectual or developmental disabilities, so they are afforded an opportunity for a meaningful life. A life characterized by safety & happiness; family & friendship; employment & possessions; skills & competence; health & nutrition; choices & self direction; status & roles; privacy & dignity; and access to opportunities in the general community.

Q Q.What is Day Habilitation?

Day Services – Adult services provide an avenue for individuals to attain daily living skills, social skills, communication skills, self-help skills, and other adaptive skills in order to enhance their overall quality of life.  Activities are planned based on individual needs, preferences, and interests.  Services are provided at sites located in or near the individual’s community.

Q Q.What is Behavior support?

Having an intellectual disability and/or a developmental delay does not mean that you should not be able to live a full and active life. With supportive and caring relationships, the challenging behaviors that may occur among individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities can be reduced.

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